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Formax FD-4170 Cut Sheet Burster Formax FD-4400 Cut Sheet Burster
Formax FD-4170 Cut Sheet BursterFormax FD-4400 Cut Sheet Burster

The FD 4170 Cut-Sheet Burster is the ideal finishing solution when multiple forms are printed on one page.

The Formax FD-4400 industrial strength cut-sheet burster is specifically designed to process Check21 IRD’s and other documents printed on perforated cut sheets. 



Formax FD-574 Cut Sheet Cutter Duplo V-417 Cut Sheet Burster
Formax FD-574 Cut Sheet CutterDuplo V-417 Cut Sheet Burster

The Formax FD-574 Cut-Sheet Cutter is uniquely designed to process forms generated from a digital printer, up to 44 forms per minute.

The Duplo V-417 Cut Sheet Burster automatically separates pre-perforated forms and stacks them in sequential order.