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88100122 88100122
Ink Roller - TriColor (Red/Blue/Brown)Ink Roller - TriColor(Blue/Green/Red)

#26325 - Tricolor Ink Roller - Fits Hedman Models EDP 1000/2000/3000/3600/Plus/DI-100

#WRA008575. Fits M.Yale 811/812/13/930A/931, Duplo V130, Widmer RS, Burroughs T2700.



Ink Roller - TriColor(Blue/Green/Red)Lassco LJ-2 Single Bin Jogger

#WRA6381541F . Fits M.Yale 911/912/6380/6385, Duplo V130, SR VLI, 3500.

Lassco LJ-2 Single Bin Jogger - Perfect for quick print and mail rooms. Jogs a full ream of 8.5X11" paper. Ideal for checks and envelopes. 115 volt, 60hz, 2.2 Amp, 1550 RPM motor. Weight 24lbs. Shipping weight 32lbs.



Lassco LJ-4 Heavy DutyTilted Deck JoggerLassco LJ-8 Flat Deck Jogger

Lassco LJ-4 Heavy duty tilted deck Jogger - Large 17X17" table allows for perfect alignment of forms and paper products. Jogs a full ream of 11X17" 20# bond paper. 115 volt, 60hz, 2.2amp, 1550 RPM motor. Weight 28lbs. Shipping weight 36lbs.

Lassco LJ-8 Flat Deck Jogger - Large 20X14 table allows for handling bulky material. Designed for glossy stacks of paper, newspapers and magazines. 115 volt. 60 hz. 2.2 amp, 1550 RPM Motor. Weight 26 lbs. Shipping weight 34 lbs.



Martin Yale 930A 88100122
Martin Yale 930AMaverick MICR 1, 2, 6 & 7 Encoder Ribbon (box of 6) (Compatible)

Check signing machine that is completely secure with a locking security system, single key access to help make sure the signature plates cannot be removed.


#88100123 - Compatible Maverick MICR 1,2,6 & 7 Series Check Encoder MICR Ribbon(Box of 6). 



88100122 Maverick MX-3 Touch Exception Item Check Encoder
Maverick MICR IV/V Check Encoder Ribbon (box of 6) (OEM)Maverick MX-3 Touch Exception Item Check Encoder

#039-49015-1 - Maverick MICR IV & V Series Check Encoder Ribbon(Box of 6). 

The Maverick MX-3 Touch check encoder is a compact robust encoder that was designed to be a low cost, low to medium volume, reliable Exception Item encoder.



Maverick MX-6 Exception Item Check Encoder 88100122
Maverick MX-6 Exception Item Check EncoderMaverick MX3-MX6-MICRlll Check Encoder Ribbon (box of 6)

The Maverick MX-6's state-of-the-art circuitry, which includes USB2 communications and an ARM processor, allows you to encode twice as fast as a MICR VI and includes machine to machine cloning. 

#057-49005-1 - Maverick MICR III Check Encoder Ribbon(Box of 6). 



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