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FMC Syntron® J-1, 7" x 10" Flat Deck Jogger FMC Syntron® J-50-B 14"x20" or 17"x22" Flat Deck Paper Jogger
FMC Syntron® J-1, 7" x 10" Flat Deck JoggerFMC Syntron® J-50-B 14"x20" or 17"x22" Flat Deck Paper Jogger

Perfect small, compact jogger for the banking industry, printers, food industries, product testing and packaging.

Easy handling of magazine inserts, coupon flyers and catalog supplements and is available in 17 x 22 inch or 14 x 20 inch decks.  The J-50-B Flat Deck can jog up to 50 pounds.



Franking Cartridge - RDM EC9100i 88100122
Franking Cartridge - RDM EC9100iFranking Cartridge - Red Ink - RDM EC7011/EC7000i

6000-6065 Franking Cartridge for RDM EC9100i check scanners.

#60006050 - Franking Cartridge. Fits RDM EC6000i/EC7011/EC7000i/EC7500 Series/Synergy/Synergy II



InfoSeal PS-100 Medium Volume Folder-Sealer InfoSeal PS-17 Low Volume Folder-Sealer
InfoSeal PS-100 Medium Volume Folder-SealerInfoSeal PS-17 Low Volume Folder-Sealer

The InfoSeal PS-100 folder sealer offers quality and robust construction not found in small to medium volume machines which are in its class. 

A small volume solution offering very quiet performance in an attractive package.



InfoSeal PS-225 Medium Volume Folder-Sealer InfoSeal PS-25 Low Volume Folder-Sealer
InfoSeal PS-225 Medium Volume Folder-SealerInfoSeal PS-25 Low Volume Folder-Sealer

A dependable and reliable mid-range Desktop Pressure Sealer and is one of our most popular models.

The ultimate pressure seal machine for small to medium sized offices.



InfoSeal PS-30 Low Volume Folder-Sealer InfoSeal PS-300 High Volume Folder-Sealer
InfoSeal PS-30 Low Volume Folder-SealerInfoSeal PS-300 High Volume Folder-Sealer

A user-friendly and simple to operate desktop Pressure Seal machine.

A tabletop machine with large in-feed hopper delivering sealed forms to an automatic shingle delivery conveyor. All fold styles are accommodated. An optional vertical stacking out-feed conveyor is available.



88100122 88100122
Ink Roll - Black - Max EC30/EC50/EC70Ink Roller - Black

#MAXIR50. Fits Max EC30/EC50/EC70

#25113 - Black Ink Roller - Fits Hedman Models EDP 1000/2000/3000/3600/Plus/DI-100



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