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Amrotec X-1 Currency Discriminator & Counter Amrotec X-Count+ Advanced Currency Counter
Amrotec X-1 Currency Discriminator & CounterAmrotec X-Count+ Advanced Currency Counter

The Amrotec X-1 is the world’s most compact mixed money discriminator with a dedicated reject pocket. 

The Amrotec X-Count+ Advanced Currency Counteris an advanced, up-to-date and rebust Currency Counter with certain value counting functions. 



Billcon D551 Currency Discriminator & Counter Semacon S-2500 Currency Discriminator & Counter
Billcon D551 Currency Discriminator & CounterSemacon S-2500 Currency Discriminator & Counter

Billcon D-551 Currency Discriminator and Counter allows operators to be more efficient and cost-effective, they spend less time counting and more time helping customers. 

The Semacon model S-2500 features heavy duty construction, a precision banknote feeding system and advanced image processing technology.  PLEASE CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING!