Semacon S-120 Coin Counter and Sorter

Semacon S-120 Coin Counter and Sorter
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  • Item #: Semacon S-120
  • Manufacturer: Semacon
  • Condition: New

The Semacon Model S-120 Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Offsorter is designed for high volume applications and used by banks, credit unions, retailers, vending machine operators, amusement operators, laundries, car washes and other industries all over the world. These machines feature heavy duty construction, high speed and ease of use.  The Semacon S-120 is also designed for portable use.

Ease of Use
The Semacon S-120 Coin Counter features a user friendly control panel for setting the coin size with presets for all US coins.

Electric/Electronic Operation
The Semacon S-120 operate automatically for the ultimate in high speed counting & sorting.  The electronic counting system provides an easy selection of variable bagging and packaging stop points.

Control Panel
The Semacon S-120 features a pushbutton control panel which provides the functions used most often by the operator.

Coin Sorting 
The Semacon S-120 features an offsort function to count and optionally bag or package the largest coin and separate the smaller coins into a second bag or tray.  This feature can also be used to separate foreign coins or tokens from your coins.

High Speed 
The Semacon S-120 is capable of processing coins at ultra-high speeds yet are quieter than many other coin counters.

Exceptional Durability 
The Semacon S-120 feature a solid metal chassis and heavy duty metal components designed to withstand heavy use and harsh environments and are capable of handling wet coins.  

Portable Applications 
The Semacon S-120 is portable in design for easy transport to multiple locations or for storing when not in use.  When open the acts as an inspection tray for feeding coins into the hopper.  When closed its protectes the counter so it can be transported using the built-in carrying handle.  

Optional packaging tubes are available for US/Canadian/Euro and many other foreign coins.  

Semacon S-120 Specifications: 

  • Count Speed:  up to 2000 coins per minute
  • Counting Modes:  Counting, Adding, Bagging, Batching, Packaging, Offsorting
  • Batching Range:  1 - 9999
  • Coin/Token Thickness:  1 - 3.5 mm 
  • Coin/Token Diameter:  14 - 34 mm
  • Power Consumption:  75 watts max.
  • Power Source:  110 VAC / 60Hz or 220 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Dimensions:  14.5" x 9"W x 7.5"H closed.  20"L x 9"W x 10"H open.
  • Weight:  18 lbs.
  • Accessories Included:  Offsort Bagging Attachment, Offsort Tray
  • Optional Accessories:  Packaging Tube (1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1 SBA/Golden, Canadian Loonie, Toonie, Euros and many other coins) 
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