Shredder Oil - Pint Size (16 oz.) Bottle

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  • Item #: ACCED21/8
  • Manufacturer: MBM
  • Condition: New


  • MBM Shredder Oil
  • For All Paper Shredder Models.

The key to maintaining your shredder at optimal performance is proper oiling.  This oil is recommended because it's specially formulated so it won't leave any residue that could attract dust and clog the shredding mechanism.  

How To Oil a Paper Shredder:

Personal, Small Volume Paper Shredder Machines:  For light use oil once a week, for heavier use, oil every hour of usage.

Cross Cut and High Security Shredder Machines:  The cross cut shredders should be oiled every 30 minutes of usage or after you empty the bag.  Failure to do so will result in decreased capacity and possible damage to the cutting cylinders.

The high security shredders should be oiled every 15 minutes of use or whenever capacity drops.  Failure to do so will result in decreased capacity and possible damage to the cutting cylinders.


To lubricate the cutting system, squeeze the bottle and make 3 or 4 side sweeps (zig-zag type motion) on a piece of paper.  Feed this paper through the shredder and then hold the reverse buttong down for an additional 10-20 seconds to let the oil distribute itself throughout the entire cutting system.  Finally feed a few sheets of paper through the shredder to remove any excess oil.   

DO NOT USE any oil or spray that is a degreaser or rust inhibitor.  Use only paper shredder oil that is specifically manufactured for this purpose such as our Intimus Brand Paper Shredder Oil or lightweight machine oil.  Use caution with any sprays, as they may be flammable when sprayed into a shredder.

Start oiling your paper shredder now.  The shredder will run smoother, faster, and put less strain on the overall motor, gears, and bearings.

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