Standard Register TE1916 Batch Check Encoder

Standard Register TE1916 Batch Check Encoder
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  • Item #: TE1916
  • Manufacturer: Standard Register
  • Condition: New

Introducing the Encoder with a Whole Batch of New Benefits. 
With the Standard Register TE1916 MICR Check Encoder, you can print the highest quality MICR lines on checks faster and easier than ever before, while totaling and sorting more precisely and productively. An improved LCD display, versatile keypad and more user-friendly loading features reduce errors and increase throughput. Microprocessor controls alert operators to miskeys, mutilated documents, ribbon problems and other malfunctions so time and labor aren't wasted. And multi-function keys put a variety of custom-encoding options and upgrades at your fingertips. 

Retailers: Stop Dollars From Floating Through Your Fingers. 
The Standard Register TE1916 MICR Check Encoder allows retailers to quickly, accurately encode customer checks-then generate batch tickets and deposit slips-on site. So, they can take advantage of per item discounts, extend cut-off time for deposits, and improve cash flow by making more income available on the day it's received. The savings in bank fees are considerable. 

Financial Institutions: Keep Tellers and Deposits on Track. 
By automating deposit preparation, the Standard Register TE1916 MICR Check Encoder makes document processing more efficient and cost-effective for your financial institution. Because the Standard Register TE1916 MICR Check Encoder tracks checks by teller and by batch, you can proof individual teller totals throughout the day by number checks encoded, amounts of each check, batch and grand totals. You reduce end-of-day out-of-balance conditions and overtime costs while assisting employees in preparing fully qualified deposits, ready for the reader/sorter. 

Standard Register TE1916 Check Encoder Specifications: 

  • Color: Gray 
  • Ribbon Cartridge: Requires #88100122 standard yield MICR ribbon.  Print Capacity-approximately 65,000 MICR characters. 
  • 88100027 Lister/Journal Ribbon - Print Capacity-approximately 250,000 characters 
  • Font: E13B MICR 
  • Print Speed: 20 characters per second 
  • Dimension: 12" (W) x 15" (L) x 7" (H) 
  • Net Weight: 16 lbs. 
  • Power: 120V, 1 AMP

Download Standard Register TE1916 Check Encoder Product Brochure(PDF) 

Download Encoder Programming Work Sheet(PDF) 

Price includes free custom programming EPROM (required for operation)

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