Widmer S-3 Check Signer

Widmer S-3 Check Signer
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  • Item #: S-3
  • Manufacturer: Widmer
  • Condition: New

The Widmer S-3 Check Signer is easy to use, with the simple action of inserting the check triggers the electronic printing and no handle to pull or buttons to push. 

Widmer S-3 Check Signer Features: 

  • Case lock 
  • Security lock 
  • Instantaneous trip 
  • Rugged metal case 
  • Removable die holder 
  • Adjustable guide shelf 
  • Visual counter for daily verification 
  • Electronic and mechanical dual lock system 
  • Security tri-color signature available at no additional cost 
  • Insert check and your signature is imprinted instantly 
  • Brass engraved signature plate on removable holder prints any direction for any check

Widmer S-3 Check Signer Optional Features: 

  • Double or triple signatures 
  • Check endorsing die plate 
  • Wavy or dotted background

Widmer S-3 Check Signer Specifications: 


Price includes 1 ribbon and 1 signature plate  

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Price $945.00

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