Widmer T-3 Time and Date Stamp

Widmer T-3 Time and Date Stamp
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  • Item #: Widmer T-3 Series
  • Manufacturer: Widmer
  • Condition: New

Widmer Time and Date Stamps.  Creates high quality, clean crisp imprints on a wide variety of office documents from letter size to small tickets.  A new, open throat and finger indent case feature allows for a greater accessibility.  The depth of the throat can be adjusted to allow a selection of imprint locations.  Stamping pressure can be electronically increased when needed to penetrate through multi-part carbon and non-carbon forms. Inscriptions can be both above and below the time and date.

Available Models:

  • Widmer T-3 - No Digital Display
  • Widmer T-3-LED - with Digital Display

Additional Optional Features:

  • Military Time
  • Reverse Print
  • Fractional Minute
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Master Clock Control
  • Feather Touch Trigger
  • Removable Die Plates
  • Six Sided Word Cylinder




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